The long decades of consecutive wars have reached a lull. The galaxy is in a state of reconstruction as the threats of the past lay defeated or silent. The galactic recession has passed as the entire galactic economy grows with the physical reconstruction of planets, re-establishment of planetary trade and hyperspace economies. Old rivalries are taking on new meanings as peace spreads quietly across the galaxy.

The Jedi Order and Mandalorians Clans wage a political battle in the Galactic Senate. The recent Jedi Civil War and near extinction of the Order has lead to some, not the least of which being Galactic Defense Chairperson Quant Organa, calling for a new direction with the defense of the Republic. Mandalore the Preserver has led a successful push to have the Mandalorians supplant the Jedi Order as protectors of the Republic. Now the Senate debates have ceased and a vote has been scheduled.

The Exchange, planet spanning crime organization, has seen an expansion unheard of in many generations. The Republic is rebuilding, the Jedi all but destroyed and war not a current concern leaving the Exchange free range to prey on the shipping lanes and extort the expanding small businesses of the far flung Republic planets. Secret but strong lobbyists strive to keep the galactic defense debate on-going to take advantage of the lack of specialized law enforcement.

On board the Silver Zephyr, Greelo the Hutt Smuggler prepares a surprise for a Jedi Master who had contracted the ship in order to arrive on Coruscant before the Referendum against the Jedi Order could reach a voteā€¦.

Star Wars: The Old Republic

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